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2 iPods = Kernel Panic

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Until the other day the only iPod I had was the latest iPod Nano. It worked fine but when presented with the option of buying a 2G Touch pretty cheap I jumped on it. I connected it to my Mac Pro and it worked without an issue. I used it for a few days and everything was going fine. Last night my girl and I wanted to go running at the beach so I connected the iPod Nano to the Mac Pro just to charge it. As soon as I connected it I was presented with the good ol’ Kernel Panic screen. I thought this was odd so I shut the system down and restarted. This time during the boot up process it gave yet another Kernel Panic. I disconnected the iPod Nano and restarted again. Everything went fine.

I do not understand why Apple would not allow for more than one iPod per computer. In my case I will have to use the Macbook Pro to charge and sync the iPod Nano for my girlfriend and the Mac Pro for my iPod Touch. Theoretically I should be able to sync as many iPods with my computer as I wanted to. I understand why you cannot sync an iPod with multiple computers but why can I not sync multiple iPods with the same computer? It must have something to do with iTunes and the software installed but that leads me to ask why you cannot have multiple iPod software installed on the same machine. Why would Apple not write the software so that it would not conflict and it would recognize what type of iPod you connected to the machine?

As it stands right now every-time I buy a new iPod what does Apple expect me to do? Am I supposed to throw it away or sell it to someone else? I do not understand why I am limited to owning only one iPod or for that matter one iPod style/version. I have not tried to connect 2 of the same iPods to the same computer such as 2 of the iPod Touche’s but I would imagine that would work just fine.

Please Apple fix this problem because it would be nice to be able to sync multiple iPods (different types) with the same machine. Good thing I had a Macbook Pro or I would have had a paper-weight instead of an iPod Nano!

  1. Joseph CrawfordJoseph Crawford03-19-2009

    I am not sure what is going on then.. Yes I have the latest iTunes, both iPods have the latest software on them. I should have the latest software on the Mac Pro because the iPod Touch works just fine. I am not able to see much about the iPod Nano software because every-time I connect it I get the good ol’ Kernel Panic and have to power down the system.

    I am baffled then if you all are able to sync multiple devices with your computers why can’t I? It just does not make any sense to me 🙁

  2. paulpaul03-19-2009

    I’ve got 4 pods that I sync off one MacBook (ranging from a shuffle to a touch), plus the AppleTV. They all work fine. Have you made sure you’ve got the latest software updates, both on your mac and on the iPods?

  3. ErikErik03-19-2009

    I don’t know what’s causing your problem, but I can assure you that Apple did not make the software to intentionally fail to work with multiple iPods. Both I and my wife have several iPods and an iPhone, and sync them regularly to the same iTunes libraries on the same user accounts (one library/account for her, one for me).

    Don’t wait for Apple to “fix this problem” – something else is wrong with your setup, and you should search online or get support to figure out what it is. Sorry I can’t be of more help in that regard.

  4. Shawn CraverShawn Craver03-19-2009

    It must be something other than just the fact that you’re trying to sync multiple iPods that are causing the kernel panics. I currently sync 4 different iPods (two 2G Shuffles, a 3G Nano, and a 1G Touch) with my Macbook without any problems.

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